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Sales leader Mateo Sluder travels nearly half the year training and mentoring new Cebadors. An avid Evernote user, Mateo put frequently used reference materials in Evernote notebooks and invited others to join. Keeping it all in one place—and out of inboxes—gave everyone instant access to the info they needed.

Streamlined training saves weeks

Now when a new Cebador starts, Mateo simply hands them an iPad with Evernote. With historical data and detailed notes on all previous account interactions, they instantly have the knowledge they need to hit the ground running.

The Cebadors add reports directly to Evernote for an at-a-glance view of their progress. "It creates a level of transparency you don’t usually get when you have people working independently throughout the country,” said Mateo. With Evernote, it takes less than a month to train a new hire to be a fully autonomous account manager.

“Ultimately, our training process is much faster and more thorough with Evernote, saving me six weeks in travel time every year. It’s indispensable.”

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